About Us

Have you ever found yourself in a fix while looking for an online casino? Have you ever found yourself wondering if the platform you chose to play on is safe, or legal? Have you spent hours searching for the perfect match for your gambling style? If these are your struggles, Andar Bahar has your back!

Today, there is an array of online casinos available on the touch of a button. However, not everything you might find on the website of these casinos is entirely true or transparent. This is why we have come up with the best method to condense all the information about your favorite casinos and help you assess whether or not is it suitable for you.

Who Are We?

Andar Bahar is a website for all you gambling enthusiasts to find the perfect fit for your gambling style and gaming choice. We are here to get you all the details and a well-analyzed review of the many online casinos you can find on the internet. With us, you don’t have to worry about false information, bias, or lack of transparency. We, as professionals and experts of online gambling platforms, bring to you the review with first-hand testing and analysis.

What We Do

Andar Bahar is a platform where we review the leading online casinos present in the Indian market. We find the ins and outs of each of these platforms and document the purest reviews for your perusal. You can browse through the list of casinos we feature and their reviews to know which one is the best one for you!

Our Mission

Here at AndarBahar, we believe in providing our users with a crystal-clear and factual review of the gambling sites that will help you to evaluate the website based on your preferences. We strive to bring the most comprehensive and easy-to-access data to our users. The reviews on our website are frequently updated with changes in each online casino. We provide information about all relevant information that can potentially be a deal-sealer or deal-breaker for players.

What Do We Evaluate?

Online casinos have more to them than mere games. Several factors are leading to a successful and safe gambling environment for the players. We make sure to analyze and present each of these elements that need to be in the picture for any casino. Our primary concern encompasses the following elements:

  • License: We discuss the casino regulatory authority that the website is affiliated with along with the rules it needs to follow for obtaining the license and making it a safe platform for the players.
  • Parent Company: The parent company or the developer is important since it reflects the values of the casino and its security.
  • Security measures: This is the primary concern for any player. In a risk-free environment, you don’t need to worry about your data or finances. We ensure that the casinos we feature on our website provide a secure and risk-free gaming platform for the users.
  • Game Developers: Renowned game developers means safe and exciting games. Shady game developers might not be capable of providing the same quality as the experts. This is why we list the game developers in our reviews so that you are well-informed about what you are getting into.
  • Game Selection: What’s a casino without an assortment of games? We list out the different gaming vertices offered by the casinos. Whenever we find something unique or extraordinary in the gaming section, we make sure to let you know!
  • Payment Solutions: A safe payment gateway, inclusive selection of solutions, and accepted currency are important for a comfortable gambling experience. We list most of the available transaction options on the platform along with its processing time and limits.
  • Offers and Bonuses: Offers and bonuses are the most enticing part of a casino. In our reviews, we discuss the various kinds of bonuses offered, their match limits, and wagering requirements.
  • Device Compatibility: While some casinos have web and mobile versions, others don’t. We enlist if the casino has a mobile counterpart or if it only has a web-based format.
  • Various Formats: Today’s casinos have plenty of formats. Some have virtual, others have live, while the most commonly they feature both. We enlist the different formats present on the website and the various games each format feature.

Once we document all these important components, we ensure to weigh the pros and cons of each website to provide a well-rounded review of the casino. With this in place, you can easily find the major pointers of each casino and choose the right one for yourself!

Responsible Gambling

We are the biggest advocates of responsible gambling. While it a fun and exciting activity, we don’t want anyone to fall into the toxic trap of addictive gambling as it can have many detrimental effects on your health and general well-being. We employ various measures to help you stay within limits while gambling and not become prey to despair. We encourage you to be mindful while gambling and not lead yourself to a point where you can’t stop.

Be the master of your mind!