Andar Bahar: Best Live Casino Sites

Andar Bahar is an Indian game that has been around for thousands of years and is believed to have been invented in the capital of Karnataka, Bangalore. It’s such a simple and fun game that anyone can play it, and the number of players is unlimited! Do you want to know more about Andar Bahar? We will explain it to you!

Andar Bahar: Best Live Casino Sites

The game is fast, fun and very engaging, which is exactly why you can spend hours having fun with this game!

Where to Play Andar Bahar Online

Here are the best online casinos for playing Andar Bahar Online, which are created specifically for the Indian market:


Andar Bahar Games:Available
Bonus:₹10 000
Rating:9 of 10


Andar Bahar Games:Available
Bonus: ₹ 20 000
Rating: 9 of 10


Andar Bahar Games:Available
Bonus: ₹ 10 000
Rating: 8.5 of 10


Andar Bahar Games:Available
Bonus: ₹ 7 500
Rating: 8 of 10


Andar Bahar Games:Available
Bonus: ₹ 35 000
Rating: 9.5 of 10


Andar Bahar Games:Available
Bonus: ₹ 10 000
Rating: 9 of 10

Many games adapted for online casino titles originated from old games favorites of family and friends. Andar Bahar is a classic example. This card game originated in Asia and was enjoyed at many social gatherings. It is easy to understand and offers players a stress-free route to casino games.

Playing the game

First, the basics. This Game is played with a deck, and each round begins with the dealer drawing a card called Joker. The cards are then dealt into two piles, Andar and Bahar. A card is dealt to Andar, then another to Bahar, and so on.

The objective of the player is to predict which of these piles will receive a card whose value matches the Joker. Make the correct prediction to win the main bet of the game.

When playing Andar Bahar from Pragmatic Play, Andar will always get the top card, which means that this pile will have a slightly higher chance of winning. To balance this, the payments delivered by Andar will be slightly smaller.

Between each round, you will have 15 seconds to place your bets. In addition to betting on the main bets, you can also bet on the side bets.

Special features

The display feature located at the bottom of the screen provides players with all kinds of information about the game, from statistical data to hot and cold numbers. But the most exciting aspect of this game is the side bets offering.

The first card side bet allows players to bet on Andar or Bahar. It offers the lowest RTPs in the game, so you should probably avoid it.

The Number of Cards side bet allows players to guess how many cards will be drawn before the round ends. The 15-25 is the best option in terms of value and has the highest payout percentage in the game.

The first 3 side bet uses the Joker and the first cards Andar and Bahar to form a poker hand. Get a flush, straight, or straight flush to claim a win. When playing this side bet, players can expect the RTP values sold.

Payments and RTP

Compared to its competition, this card game comes with a slightly higher payout percentage. The main bets are fairly straightforward and almost equal the money. On the other hand, the game’s side bets offer a wide variety of RTPs.

These are the payouts and RTP of the main bets in the game:

  • Andar – 0.9: 1 (97.85%)
  • Bahar – 1: 1 (97%)

Here is an overview of the payouts and RTPs offered by the First Card side bet:

  • Andar – 15: 1 (94.12%)
  • Bahar – 15.5: 1 (94.18%)

Payouts and RTP offered for the additional bet Number of cards:

Number of cards dealtPayout oddsHouse edge
1 to 5 cards2 to 118.68%
6 to 10 cards3 to 113.18%
11 to 15 cards4 to 115.49%
16 to 25 cards3 to 112.80%
26 to 30 cards14 to 18.52%
31 to 35 cards24 to 17.56%
36 to 40 cards49 to 15.17%
41 or more cards119 to 14.92%

Last but not least, there are the payouts and RTPs offered for the first 3 side bets:

  • Straight flush – 120: 1 (96.76%)
  • Direct – 8: 1 (96.76%)
  • Color – 5: 1 (96.76%)

It’s not easy to keep track of all these odds, but it’s worth it as Andar Bahar is a game with great side bets. Take the side bet of the first 3, whose RTP is slightly below the main bet. Other side bets can also be very attractive, especially since some betting options are much better than the main bets in the game.

Side Bets on Andar Bahar

Side bets are an integral part of any live casino game. So we are not at all surprised that there are some you can do in Andar Bahar. Here are your options:

  • How many cards will be dealt – you can bet on how many cards will be dealt before the wild card appears. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be specific. You can place this bet in blocks of 5 cards, that is, 1-5 or 6-10, and so on. The most generous is the 41+ side bet. Pay up to 120 times your bet.
  • The value of the joker – you can also place an additional bet on the value of the joker. Naturally, do this before they confront the joker. There are three options available. Successfully betting at 2-7 will win you double your bet. This is also the same if you bet on 2-Ace. The most lucrative side bet in this category pays 9 times your stake. That’s for 8.
  • The color or suit of the joker – the joker can only appear in two colors, red or black. Guessing correctly which one is correct will win you 1.9 times your bet. There are also side bets for the wild card suit. There are four possibilities, diamonds, hearts, clubs or spades. This additional bet pays 3.8 times your bet.

2 types of Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a simple yet entertaining online casino game that is liked by a huge number of players. The game has a straightforward set of rules and maybe won by employing a few strategies. Despite the fact that it is more of a gambling game than leisure, you may still play it for free with your friends. If you’re in it for the money, then, you can go to any licensed online casino and start beating the oddsmakers.

Live version

Andar Bahar Live Version

Live Andar Bahar is a type of Andar Bahar in which a real person deals with your cards for you over the internet. They are hosted at foreign casinos and are broadcast through a webcam to your devices.

Live Dealer Andar Bahar is still fantastic since it seems like a genuine thing. The interesting part is that you’re dealing cards with an actual person, and you’re betting just like you would in real life.

Virtual Version

Andar Bahar Virtual Version

Virtual Andar Bahar is a type of Andar Bahar in which you play with a computer by betting with real money while standing a chance of winning real money. The idea of the virtual is to ensure that the game stays fair and cannot be manipulated.

If you’re just getting started with Andar Bahar, virtual Andar Bahar might be the easiest way to kick start your Andar Bahar gambling experience.

Is It Legal To Play Andar Bahar Online?

Is it legal to play this game in India? Yes, but with caveats. Indian law grants individual states the primary responsibility for regulating gambling. In most states, relevant statutes draw from the Public Gambling Act of 1867 or the Central Legislation. This act forbids public gambling while permitting the regulation of gambling establishments. Unfortunately, the statute doesn’t define or clarify what constitutes public gambling and describes gambling establishments as physical – not virtual – locations.

As you may have guessed, it is difficult to apply this statute and the tweaked variants that most states use to regulate virtual gambling establishments. For this reason, online casinos generally operate in a legal grey area. This means you can continue learning how to play Andar Bahar at your favourite virtual establishment without fear of arrest, but do remember to pay your taxes!

Is It Legal To Play Andar Bahar Online


It is such a simple game, but so simple, that it only requires a little reading by the player on the possibilities of complementary bets that offer great opportunities to win. Andar Bahar is a prime example of a simple, traditional and original Indian card game. A conventional gambling choice, it is also played for casual fun and a friendly pastime. With South-Indian origins running centuries deep, it has evaded strict law enforcement and is practised all over the country.

But if the player doesn’t want it, he doesn’t even need it to start playing! You just have to choose between Andar and Bahar!

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