Winning strategies for Andar Bahar

Game cards can be tough to win. Sometimes, a game with rules as simple as Andar Bahar can be a difficult nut to crack. On one hand, you need to use simple math to get an upper hand, on the other hand, it is a matter of pure luck. Oftentimes, players look for ways to switch the odds in their favor. In games like poker or blackjack, there are various methods to do this. But in a game of luck, like Andar Bahar, there are not as many options in place to change the game into your favor. In this game, it is quite difficult to have a perfect victory record through tricks or strategies.

However, there are some ways used by pro gamblers and masters of this game that can help you in achieving a higher winning chance. Let’s take a look into the various methods that you can stick to as a go-to strategy for winning at Andar Bahar.

Learn the Basics

This game, similar to any other, has a set of rules that the players must abide by while playing. If you’re playing the game offline in a traditional set-up, the rules are mostly the same everywhere. In online or live games at online casinos, the situation may not be the same. You should be aware of the rules employed by the casino to prevent any forbidden or undesirable move.

The rules of Andar Bahar, however, are very simple and straightforward. There is one ‘house card’ which needs to be matched in two piles of cards allotted on the left and right side of the card. These piles are known as Andar and Bahar. The only role of the player in this game is to place bets in each round and the dealer then proceeds to deal the cards until a card with the same rank appears in either of the piles. The bettors of the pile where the card appears win the match.

With that being said, it should not be forgotten that the game is of mere luck and cannot be foreseen or strategized in most cases.


While the rules of this game remain similar in most casinos, there are certain variations to them. These variations are with regards to the bets. Some casinos offer side bets and additional bets that allow the players to make separate bets apart from the main bets on Andar and Bahar piles. Most times, the additional bets may be on the number of cards that will be dealt with before the matching card shows up, betting after the second card is dealt, betting on the features of the house card, and more.

Apart from this, there are different formats of this game that have different sets of rules or additional bets. These include traditional offline games, online, and live games. Each may slightly vary from one another. When you join an online casino, you can check for the rules of the game on the website. In the case of live casinos, you will be able to absorb the game process as the game progresses.

Placing Smart Bets

Andar Bahar bets seem like a no-brainer with only two sides to bet for the most part. However, according to Andar Bahar connoisseurs, there is a way to determine the greater chance of winning. It is a popular belief that the side which gets dealt with the first card has a higher chance of winning as compared to the other one. The probability stands at 51.5% to 48.5%. If you are lucky enough, even this narrow margin can make you a winner.

Pay Attention to the Table Limits

Most online casinos have set the table limits for each game. Especially if you play in a live casino, you might find yourself in a fix if you don’t be mindful of the betting limits. Make it a point to go through the rules to find the table limits. In a live casino, check it before you play on the table. Sometimes, casinos have a minimum bet limit which might not suit your budget- be aware of such situations and know when to bet and when to not.

Take Control of Your Bankroll

It is normal to get way too immersed in the game that you don’t even pay attention to the amount you start betting. It might as well be too much for your budget and you won’t realize until it’s too late. It is important to be conscious while betting and bet the amounts that you can afford. Do not go on betting too much just for the sake of it or because you have been on a winning streak- you might end up losing at any moment. Take hold of your bankroll and avoid getting in trouble later.

Andar Bahar is an exciting game that can keep the players on their toes. Despite the various strategies and tricks that you get hold of, it remains a game of luck. Remember to avoid any wrong changes in the heat of the moment and enjoy a healthy gaming experience with this interesting Indian game!