Interesting Facts About Andar Bahar Online

Andar Bahar is a card game that originated in India. It was founded in Bangalore (Bengaluru) laying in the south of India in the state of Karnataka. Soon, the game spread like a wildfire across the country and made its way to online casinos all over the world. Today, this game can be played in the traditional online format or online on casino websites and live casinos.

Andar Bahar gained its popularity because of its straightforward rules with nothing more to it than the probability of halves and pure luck. Another reason came out to be its simplistic game set up. The players interested in playing this game do not need an elaborate setup or a brick and mortar casino, but just a basic deck of cards and any number of players who want to join in. In the world of online casino, this translates into a rather simplistic software which can perform efficiently on the website and provide an elegant gaming experience to the players.

There is much more to the game of Andar Bahar than is known to the average player. Let’s find out some interesting and intriguing facts about this game to understand it better.

Legalities of the Game

It is no secret that gambling has been a social outcast for the longest time. Addiction to gambling has ruined the lives of many. This reason and many more have led to stringent laws against gambling in India and many countries around the world. Under these laws, brick and mortar casinos have been made illegal and its setup is a punishable offence. With such rules in place, gambling enthusiasts were restricted to off-shore casinos present in other countries where gambling is legal or on an exorbitant yacht which is beyond the practical reach of an average citizen.

Thankfully, the technological advancements came to the rescue here as well. Online casinos are not only legal in India but in most parts of the world where physical casinos are illegal. The only prerequisite to this is that the online casino must be licensed by a reputed licensing body and the game software should come from a safe, reliable, and renowned gaming company to ensure the privacy of data and risk-free transactions for the players.

Rules of the Game

Andar Bahar is a rather popular card game in India. It has a very simple set of rules that can be easily grasped even by children. This game is often enjoyed by children of south India where they bet tamarind seeds instead of money!

The game generally has a two-halves betting system in place, namely, Andar and Bahar. The dealer deals a card in the center, known as the house card. The bettors place their bets on the side they expect to win. The dealer then proceeds to deal the cards alternatively on each side. If the house card is black, the dealing starts from Andar, whereas if it is red, the dealing starts from bahar.

The dealing stops when the card of the same value as the house card shows up in either of the piles. The bettors who placed their bets on the pile that had the match card win the match and the money.

What Counts as a Win 

When the card of the same value as the house card comes up, the round ends. The pile in which the card shows up is the winning pile. Resultantly, all the bettors of that pile win the money.

The pile which had the first card dealt has a payout of 90% while the card with the second card has a payout of 100%. This means, if you bet ₹1000 on the first-dealt pile and it wins, you receive ₹1900; if you bet the same amount on the second-dealt pile and it wins, you receive ₹2000.  

Live Andar Bahar

It is not possible to venture out to a casino in India and enjoy a game of Andar bahar with real dealer and players. However, by the virtue of the internet, you have got a similar experience in the comfort of your own home!

Online casinos host live Andar bahar which allows you to join a table and play the game with a live dealer and players. It enables you to interact with the dealer and the other players through the course of the game. Here the live dealer takes your bets, plays your turns, and the proceedings of the game can be viewed easily on your screen. All this happens via a live stream of the game from a remote location.

This format, however, calls for an excellent internet connection and a device that can handle heavy games. A lagging device or slow internet will make the game impossible to enjoy.

Virtual Andar Bahar

This format is more common in online casinos. It is essentially an automated form of gameplay run by software or AI. In this format, the bets and proceedings of the game are entirely managed by mechanical devices and not manually by a live person. It is a great format for anyone who wants to play in solace without a highly competitive environment which is found in the live casinos. It is a good platform to practice the game as well. This format of the game is also efficient in eliminating any room for cheating or other malpractices during a game and provides a faster and seamless gaming experience.

Andar Bahar is one of the most beloved and raved-about games in India. Irrespective of which format you play this game in, there is something enigmatic and enthralling about the game that keeps the players stuck to it for long. Don’t fret in dipping your toe in the water as well. Find the best format for yourself and try out the game!