Analysis of Ezugi’s Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a popular Indian gambling game that has been enjoyed by gambling enthusiasts for ages now. It is one of the most simple to understand games in today’s array of casino games. It is lesser-known fact that the recent pop of fame that this game has received comes from Ezugi reinventing it as an elegant live casino product that is now enjoyed far and wide.

The popularity of this game is on a consistent rise with Ezugi and provides an elite gaming experience to the players in its live casino format. Let’s delve into details about Ezugi’s Andar Bahar and analyze the offerings that have made such a tremendous difference in this game’s popularity.

Ezugi: Overview

Founded in 2012, Ezugi has since risen itself to the position of an industry leader in the online casino market. It has set itself as a benchmark for live casinos sprouting across the world. It is licensed by Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority and verified by the SCG-Bulgaria, ItechLabs, BMM, and RSG-Eclipse. It operates from 9 high-tech studios in the different countries of Latin America, Europe, and Asia. The game Andar Bahar is streamed from Ezugi’s flagship studio in Romania, which is ranked at the best of the 9. The live game streams 24×7, providing the players with unrestricted access any time, anywhere.

Live Andar Bahar at Ezugi

Andar Bahar is popular across the world but specifically in India, its origin country. Ezugi has developed the live online version of this game which is compatible with all devices with a stable internet connection. Desktop users can access the game with the Flash version of the client while most smartphones or other devices don’t have a necessary requirement for an extension.

This live game, the same as the traditional game, has no restrictions on the number of players. With unlimited players and live gameplay, the fun of this game increases exponentially and is thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Another reason why Ezugi has been able to redefine Andar Bahar is its charismatic live dealers. The dealers employed by this platform for live games are some of the bests in the industry and know their way to ultimate customer satisfaction. They conduct the best game every time and keep the players excited throughout the duration of the game. Due to the high standards set and delivery by these dealers, Ezugi has provided the players with a ‘tip dealer’ option that quite a lot of players use after each game.

Andar Bahar, as with other games at Ezugi, is a fully legitimate and licensed product. It is legal in India to gamble online on any licensed casino including this one.

Game Rules and Features

Andar Bahar is an extremely simple yet nail-biting game. The win-lose situation in this game primarily depends on luck and an iota of mathematical probability. The rules are very basic and the bank is held by the dealer, so is the entire gameplay. The role of the players is to bet and watch the game proceed. An interesting addition to the game on Ezugi is its side bets that make the game much more interesting and fun. Let’s take a look at them.

The rules of this game are basically all about betting by the players and dealing by the dealer. It is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Once the cards are well-shuffled, the dealer deals one card faced up, this is known as the ‘house card’ or the ‘joker’. The players bet on either side of the card- these are known as andar and bahar. The cards are then dealt alternatively between the andar and the bahar piles. Whichever pile gets the first card with the matching rank, the bettors on that pile win, and the other one loses. Based on the payout of this game, the andar comes with a 0.9:1 odds and Bahar has an even 1:1 betting odd.

The most interesting element in this game offered live by Ezugi is the 8 exciting side bets. This allows the players to bet on how many cards will be dealt in a round. That is, the player can bet if the matching card will be dealt between 1 to 5 cards, 6 to 10 cards, 11 to 15 cards, and so on. This goes on to 41 to 52 cards which has the highest payout and odds of 120:1.

Payout with Ezugi

Andar Bahar is an exciting game with great payouts. In fact, at Ezugi’s, the 8 side bets offer the highest payout in the entire industry. This is one of the reasons why the game attracts so many players that no match goes empty.

The main bet on the game at this platform has an RTP of 94.85%. The side bets have higher payout than the main one and go to a whopping 95.57% in theory. More money means more players for the casino any day.

Andar Bahar has been a public’s favorite since its introduction in Bengaluru (Bangalore) back in the days. From the traditional offline gameplay to today’s innovating and revised formats online, this game is enjoyable in every way. It is a great way to enjoy gambling and earn some extra bucks at leisure. If you find yourself interested, Ezugi is a great platform for you to try out your luck in a live setting!